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Pest Control Services

This is our 24/7 call centre where we oer
client support for all manner of pest infestation.

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Termite Treatment.

This is a special termite extermination service for our clients.
We do; Pre-treatment of foundation during construction. Spot treatment of infested areas
For areas that are already infested we provide spot treatment and regular inspection

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Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning is one of the most important aspects of building maintenance. Once water is stored, it is open to the environment and therefore susceptible to contamination and degradation contamination

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Providing integrated pest control service and hygiene solution for Africa.

About Us

Instant Pest Control Services Ltd. is an integrated Hygiene Management and Sanitation Company offering a wide range of Pest Control and Specialized Cleaning Services to Homes, Offices, Institutions, Industries and Hotels across the region

We are a professional pest control firm based in Nairobi with satellite offices across East Africa. Instant Pest Control Services has evolved over the past 20 years into a leading integrated pest control and hygiene company in the region.

We have over sixty years combined experience in the hygiene sector. Our chemicals are approved by WHO and our staff are fully certified to carry out extermination work across the region. We are licensed by Pest control Board of Kenya and follow strict guidelines in executing our services. Our firm is also registered under AGPO.


Years of Combined Experience


Over clients

Our Services

  • Professional Pest Control & Fumigation against Bees, Termites, Rats,
  • Snakes, Cockroaches and other crawling and flyying insects
  • Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning – Hood, Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Ventilation Hygiene – Indoor Air System Cleaning
  • System flushing, Gutters and storm water drain cleaning
  • Other specialised cleaning – Bathroom tiles, Mattresses, Bathtubs
  • Hygiene products such as Seat Wipe Dispenser, Soap Dispenser,
  • Air Freshener, Auto-foam Seat Sanitizer and Feminine hygiene products

Some of our clients

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